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The New Romantic

An indulgent and inspiring take on a traditional arrangement, defined by texture and asymmetry.

AED 1,100


A naturalistic arrangement with an effortless and informal feel and a free-flowing, generous aesthetic.

AED 600

The Exotic

A bold, expressive and highly textural display designed for maximum visual impact.

AED 900


A refined and clean signature arrangement with minimal foliage for a classic feel.

AED 750

The Cubist

A strong architectural bouquet with playful use of scale creates a sense of drama.

AED 750

The Sculptor

A strong sculptural arrangement in a lush monochromatic palette.

AED 900

The Free Spirit

Meadow flowers with a looser structure create a flowing gathering of stems with an unbound feel.

AED 900

The Hedonist

An abundance of stems creates a free and plentifully arrangement of contrasting and vivid tones.

AED 925


This graphic and opulent arrangement of strong pigments and structural shapes forms a strong, regal bouquet.

AED 650

Have Your Cake and Eat It

A striking focal point for any room, this opulent arrangement maximises colour and composition.

AED 1,400